Manage your commissary program and easily keep track of your inmate trust accounting through our innovative and easy-to-use software. See why Tiger Customers and State Auditors prefer our TigerTrack™ Accounting System.

Designed with YOUR staff in mind, this industry-leading accounting software will help you stay on TRACK!

If you need extra support or additional training, our in-house Facility Support Technicians are available for you 24/7/365— GUARANTEED.

Commissary Management

  • Inmate Order History

    Detailed View of All Products Ordered by each Inmate.

  • Finalizing Order

    Automatic Profit Calculation & Journal Entry!

  • Product Management

    Track All Items Sold from Each Source: Web, Warehouse, Facility.

  • Product Restrictions

    Enforce Disciplinary Rules by Restricting Commissary Access.

  • PIN Numbers

    Need to Change a Pin Number? TigerTrack™ Makes This Simple.

  • E-CIG Tracking

    Keep Track of E-Cigs or Other Items That Need to be Returned.

Inmate Trust Accounting

  • Available Balances

    This Helpful Report Provides an Overview of Inmate Balances

  • Inmate Bill Balances

    Easily Track Outstanding Bills for Damages, Medical Charges, etc.

  • Spending History

    Detailed View of All Inmate Trust Account Transactions & Deposits.

  • Inmate Bill History

    Conveniently Review a List of All Paid & Unpaid Inmate Bills.

Facility Accounting

  • Facility Collection

    Add Money to Any Accounting Line Item with Ease.

  • Batch Entry

    Quickly Create Bills, Manage Recaptured Funds, & MORE!

  • Indigent Management

    Set Custom Parameters to View Inmates who Qualify as Indigent.

  • Record Deposits

    Save Time by Consolidating All Cash Drawers for One Deposit.

  • Manual Deposits

    Manages Additional Sources of Money & Updates Check Register.

  • Check Writing

    Optimize Resources by Adding Multiple Line Items to One Check!

  • Journal Entry

    A Flexible & Powerful Way to Move Money Between Accounts.

  • Check Register

    Bank Reconciliations are a Breeze with the Quick Details Preview.

  • Debit Release

    Keep Your Account Clean by Using Debit Release Cards.

  • Work Release

    Conveniently Create Paychecks Directly from the Account.

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