The Mark of the Tiger

  • Tiger's Mission

    Our Mission is to provide the most advanced and most efficient commissary, food service and jail management software to federal, state and county detention facilities on a national level. We will accomplish this by staying focused and adaptable to changes in technology and service requirements.

  • Tiger's Vision

    To be the most dependable, respected and innovative provider of services that enhance the correctional and law enforcement community in the U.S.

Corporate Goals

  • Employee Satisfaction

    To treat each employee in a fair and ethical manner and offer each employee an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

  • Customer Vision

    To see our business through the eyes of our customers and respond to their needs and concerns as a coordinated team.

  • National Growth

    To look at the nation as our marketplace and to commit ourselves to providing that market with quality products, services and support.

The Story of Tiger

When I was growing up, my grandfather and grandmother played a very important role in raising me. My grandfather had nicknames for everyone in the family. He called me Charlie Brown because from when I was born and up until I was 2, I had a big head and I was bald.

My grandmother got her first car when she was 46. I remember after having the car for about six months, she came home one night from running around and my grandfather said, “That woman is like a tiger. She is always on the go!” From then on, she was always referred to as Tiger and I never heard him call her by any other name.

Unfortunately, I lost my grandfather when I was 14, and my grandmother played an even bigger role in my raising by helping me pay for my education and supporting me when I was discharged from the military and graduated college. My grandmother “Tiger” had many enduring qualities; she was hard working and compassionate. She maintained a can-do spirit and was always willing to help out.

When I founded Tiger Correctional Services in 1999, it was only fitting to pay tribute to her influence on my life by naming the company in her honor. She was extremely proud of this legacy and we work hard every day to run our company by the examples and values she set.

So as Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

Chad Niell

Founder / CEO / Owner