Full commissary with full food – best value, use kitchen workers to pass out commissary and do admin for jail.


TIGER has set the standard for inmate commissary services, and as the leading innovator in the corrections industry, we’re now doing the same thing for inmate food service.

Applying the same philosophy of excellence and guaranteed performance, TIGER is positioned to become the preferred food service provider nationwide.

We incorporate an extensive operating plan guided by procedure manuals, audit forms and daily procedural follow up to ensure that your kitchen operation runs at peak performance at all times.


TIGER installs and uses the latest inventory control software to ensure food and supplies are being ordered and maintained effectively.

We assume responsibility for all orders, and inventory is organized, stocked and managed at our expense. Your facility is no longer faced with any of the major food service headaches—ordering, buying and storing food and supplies.


TIGER Food Services utilizes large quantity cooking and baking recipes to think “out of the can” in providing wholesome meals. All meal plans are approved by a certified nutritionist.

In addition to balanced meals, TIGER also helps keep your budget balanced by using our buying power, acclaimed software and experienced management staff.


Our TIGER Transition Team works hand-in-hand with your staff to ensure that switching from your self-operated situation or other current provider is smooth, simple and totally satisfactory.

Using a coordinated, systematic and proprietary plan, we’re able to deliver an effective, efficient change with absolutely no disruption to your food service program.

With TIGER Food Services, you’re assured of:

  • Proper preparation of a wide variety of nutritional foods
  • Operation using well-trained staff with experience servicing large populations
  • Compliance with any physician-ordered special diets
  • Continuously maintained proper food temperatures
  • Effective, safe education & supervision of offender population
  • Safe, efficient and sanitary methods of service
  • Implementation of a written food service plan with clear objectives, policies, and health standards  
  • Compliance with all federal and state sanitation standards
  • Proper use of large scale cooking and baking equipment
  • All necessary steps taken to prevent food borne pathogens
  • Emergency plan implementation in case of power outages or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • SOPs that incorporate current facility policies and procedures


Tiger has solutions for every size of jail and every service situation!