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We strive to recruit, develop and reward employees of exceptional ability, character and dedication. We do this by providing excellent working conditions, superior leadership, compensation based on performance, opportunities for growth and a high degree of employment security.

Benefits Beyond Pay

Family Owned

Founded in 1999, we have 2 owners that have led the company for over 20 years.

Mental Health Program

We want every member of our team to tap into their full potential and be healthy, physically and mentally.

100% Medical & Dental

We pay insurance premiums for our employees because their health is important to us.

Life Insurance

A good life insurance program is a key factor in overall financial health, and provides you and your family with peace of mind.

Short Term Disability

Income protection while on a medical leave gives employees the time to recover after illness.

Advancement Opportunities

We have a history of promoting from within. Each entry-level position has a career path for advancement.

401k With Match

Start saving for your future and benefit from Tiger’s matching contribution to a 401k plan. Each employee has access to a local financial planner.

Personal Time & Vacation

Start earning time off on your first day so you can prioritize family events.

Day Shifts Only

There will never be a time where you will question when you work. Your schedule will not vary and you will not have to work nights.

Great Company

“I love having the freedom to make decisions without several “ladders” of management. Directors do not micromanage. Department directors are available to answer questions at all times. Very easy to talk with a decision maker. Co-workers are fun and nice!”

Great job for a first time developer!

“The development team at Tiger is friendly and close-knit. You couldn’t ask for nicer guys to work with. The lead developer really knows his stuff, and is a great guy to work under. You will learn a lot from him if you pay close attention. The team genuinely enjoys their job. Overall, the tech crew is 11/10.”

Great company and friendly culture!

“I have worked with several correctional companies and have rarely felt valued as I do with Tiger. They make the most of my experience to have the most individual impact. Management has always had my back and an open-door policy to discuss concerns. Overall I am more satisfied being with Tiger than any positions I have had elsewhere.”

Dynamic and Positive Environment!

“I have worked for Tiger for over six months and I am very happy with the company and management. Definitely a forward moving company that is very serious about employee retention and employee well being.”

Feel productive — helpful management.

“Two-week training when hired gets you prepared for the job. I had little kitchen experience but felt fully prepared once my training was complete. The hiring process was clear and simple for the most part.”

Tiger Correctional Services is headquartered in Jonesboro, AR with four distribution centers and serving 23 states, while expanding every day. 

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  • Corporate Office

Tiger Correctional Services is headquartered in Jonesboro, AR, complete with four distribution centers while serving 23 states and expanding every day. 

Click on your state to see the job openings in your area!

  • Corporate Office