This Windows-based system utilizes traditional “point and click” technology that almost everyone has experience with. Personnel will be able to use the software in just a few hours. It offers:


Complete Accounting Package

Balance Tracking

Detailed Ledger Reporting

Check Writing and Reconciliation

Thorough Inventory Tracking


A key advantage: all TIGER software service and support is provided by our own technical staff. You never have to deal with a third party support or call center. It’s TIGER through and through!


Order Process Options:

  • Phone-Based
  • Facility Kiosk
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Manual
  • Web-Based Ordering

       NEW! Allows family members to deposit funds and place orders using inmate accounts via secure web services.



The TIGER Inmate Banking Program is the best and newest technology currently on the market. Our program is Windows based, featuring on-screen help and a step by step guide on performing each function of the software.


With TIGER banking software, you can:


  • Open an Inmate Account Upon Booking
  • Assign Receipt Numbers Automatically or Manually
  • Place Optional Age and Gender Restrictions on Purchasing of Items
  • Make Work Release Accounting Entries and Payments
  • Recover Costs of Medical, Indigent and Other Facility Charges
  • Close Accounts With an Automatic Check Writer
  • Use Optional Debit Card Release of Funds


FACILITY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT This system allows your facility to set up your own accounts, for example: medical, work release, payroll, and bail.

  • Open, Edit and Add Funds to Accounts
  • Write Checks from Accounts
  • Separate Chart of Accounts of Facility Accounts


  • Complete Tracking for Daily Deposits
  • Supports Unlimited Cash Drawers
  • Tied Directly to Bank Deposits for Easy Management


  • Users Must Login with a Given Username and Password
  • Users Access Only Areas Approved by the Jail Administrator REPORTS
  • Trial Balance & Detailed Transaction Reports
  • Ledger Summary & Detailed Ledger Reports
  • Detailed Account Balances with History
  • Accounts Receivable Reports


  • Direct Order Transmission
  • Detailed Orders Reports with Item Purchase History
  • Order Restrictions by Amount of Items or Dollar Amount
  • Restriction Based on Medical Condition CHECKBOOK MANAGEMENT
  • Automatically Write and Print Checks
  • Integrated Checkbook Register
  • Online Reconcile


The inventory tracking module makes simple work out of maintaining your own commissary items.


  • View Sales Reports by Item, Quantity, Dollar Amount
  • Create and Track Purchase Orders
  • Receive Automatic Alerts When Quantities of Items are Low
  • Get Prompts for  Reorder Information Based on Sales History

Nobody matches the many versatile and functional features of TIGER banking software. Even better, we can customize any report to meet your specific auditors’ or county’s needs.