TIGERGUARD™ assists jails in reducing significant liability faced by every correctional facility. This system increases staff accountability by providing electronic time-stamped records of user-definable events.


For the greatest benefit, add this system to the TigerTrack™ Booking module to eliminate duplication of effort and keep your facility safe. It brings an advanced level of identification and tracking to correctional and law enforcement facilities. We give you the freedom to customize activities or tasks as you wish — the possibilities are endless!


  • Panasonic Handheld Device
    This durable scanning and logging device can handle even the toughest of environments.

  • Inmate ID Bracelets
    These ID bracelets with NFC tags are designed to be worn at all times by the inmates.

  • Location Tags
    The location tags are easy to install and allow your facility to select the desired locations you want to monitor


  • View Logs from any Smart Device

  • Cell/Pod/Security Door Check

  • Suicide Watch

  • Inmate Movement

  • Inmate Transportation

  • Current/Assigned Location

  • Med Pass Management

  • Compliance and Statistical Reports

  • Wristband Printing & Management

  • User Definable Access

  • Track distribution of Property, Commissary, etc.

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